How would it impact your business if you could have one new real estate agent call you per week, on average, and ask about your services?

Would you be able to handle that kind of new customer base? It would be a fun problem to have, huh?

That’s exactly what we were able to do for a home staging designer in the D.C. area.

And the best part? We did it without offering a discount, value offer, or any other type of incentive.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the screenshot of our call tracking program:

Here’s how we did it…

Ad Creative

For the ad “creative,” we simply used a video slideshow of several photos from the client.

For the copy, we used the following:

🛋️ Looking for a staging service that is reliable and flexible?

✔️ A company who has a large inventory, but doesn’t charge an arm and a leg like the “big guys”?

✔️ Someone who understands your staging needs and has 15+ years of experience walking in your shoes?

Great news!
➡️[COMPANY NAME] is that company!

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For this particular ad, we didn’t use any kind of incentive offer or sign-up bribe (lead magnet). We simply offered a no-obligation conversation. Of course, ads work better when there is a value offer, but for this test with this client, we only offered a consultation.


This client had an email list of top real estate agents in their area. So, we used that list to create a custom audience and a look-alike audience of agents in the area.

Budget & Time Frame

The time frame for this campaign was 1-month and we used a budget of $150 for the duration of that month. As you can see in the screenshot below, we only ended up spending $137.34 of the $150 before we reached the results that the client wanted (4 new phone calls).

Key Performance Indicators

This ad campaign cost the client $26.49 per 1,000 impressions.
They had 43 clicks to their landing page and reached 1,341 people with a total of 5,184 impressions.
The cost per result was $3.49.
The cost per phone call / new customer was $34.

Most staging designers should love to acquire a new customer for $34 ad spend.

What Did We Learn

There were a number of lessons we learned from this campaign that we will apply to future:

  • The CPC is a bit higher for a custom audience than for an interest audience. To lower the CPC, we can layer interests to the audience. This will allow us to acquire more customers for less money. However, as a positive, the quality of lead from the custom audience is very high.
  • This client wanted direct phone calls for consultations from these ads. If we’d offered a value-offer or lead magnet instead, we could’ve set up a nurturing funnel for the client and they would’ve likely seen more page clicks, and ultimately more conversions over time. Nevertheless, we were quite happy with one agent phone call per week as a result of these ads.


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