One of the keys to a great Facebook Ad campaign is having an incredible value offer so that your audience (real estate agents, home builders, etc.) will want to stop scrolling and click on your ad.

Here are seven great offers that we use to help our home stagers capture real estate agent clients:

1. Case Study

One of the best ways to get agents to want to work with you is by showing them how home staging has worked for other agents. And a great way to show them is through a written or video case study. Put together a case study with photos showing your work, statistics of how you helped sell a listing more quickly and for a higher price, etc. Use a Facebook Ad to present your case study to your audience.

2. Free Trial

Another way to get agents to stop scrolling is to offer them a free trial of your home staging. You could do an entire listing or simply offer a room or two. Either way, offering to give them a taste of your services is not only a great way to get them to click on your ad, but also a great way to “close the deal.”

3. Free Consultation

One piece of feedback we hear from agents is they never know if a home stager has what it takes to get the job done. Another concern is they don’t know how the process would work. Or, another concern is they don’t know how much of their commission the home staging will take up (i.e., how much does it cost?).

All of these objections can be resolved by offering to meet the agent and give a free, no obligation, consultation. Offer to let the agent come by and see your inventory. Or, meet them at their listing and give them some advice about how you’d stage the property.

4. Discount

Similar to the free trial, a discount on your services is a good way to attract the attention of your audience. You could offer a limited time discount on all future designs. Or, you could offer a buy-one-get-one-free discount. The options are limitless and we encourage you to be creative in offering a discount value incentive.

5. Seasonal Special

Pick a time of the year and use Facebook Ads to highlight a seasonal special you’re running. Use a holiday, for example, as a way to offer a seasonal staging package. Or, leverage a certain time of year to highlight a discount that helps agents when they might not be doing as much business.

6. Monthly Plan (Retainer) Discount

One of the keys to making Facebook Ads have a positive ROI for home stagers is getting agents to do recurring jobs with you. Why not leverage that in a bulk plan discount. If, say, they buy 6 home staging gigs, they’ll save 10% on your services. It helps you get consistent work and it helps save them money. Win-win!

7. Tips & Helps Resource

Offer a PDF, video, or blog post with tips for home staging. Use Facebook Ads to highlight your resource and show that you are a subject matter expert. Free downloadable resources are a staple in Facebook Ad incentive offers and can work great for home stagers too.


If you come up with a great value offer, you are likely to have a very successful Facebook Ads campaign. Creating a great offer doesn’t have to be difficult, but often does involve a little creativity.

We love working with home staging business owners to help brainstorm, design, and deliver these “bribe” offers. If you need help, we’d love to collaborate with you. Simply click below to get started.

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